Eric Miller

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  • Experienced JS developer. Some iOS and server-side experience.
  • Lead dev for large JavaScript applications and 1 native iOS app.
  • 8 years experience in Front-End Web (including: React Native, Angular, Backbone, CoffeeScript, jQuery/Zepto, SASS, Gulp, Lodash, Jasmine)
  • 3 years experience in UX (On-site observation, usability testing, Balsamiq, Illustrator, Photoshop)
  1. Work Experience
  2. Software Development Engineer @ Google

    • ng2 App for Managing Android Releases
  3. Software Development Engineer @ Amazon

    • Key front-end developer for launched “polling” feature
    • Became Tech Lead, then successful in a 3mo trial as manager
  4. Independent Contractor

    • Self-managed consultancy while slowly traveling through 5+ countries.
    • Self-taught iOS & Swift to work on Waitress app. Launched to about 700 daily users and 100 transactions per day in the Stockholm market
    • Long term project with Coatue to support multiple infinite scrolling grids on a single screen
  5. Senior Front End Engineer @ Coatue

    • Collaborative spreadsheet-style management tool for over 200k investable entities. Built with Angular and SlickGrid.
    • Included an async file system, “Component Zoo”, and custom client-side data persistence layer.
  6. Front End Architect @ TidePool

    • Psychology-based minigames with validated outcomes
    • Desktop and Mobile apps based on Backbone, CoffeeScript, RequireJS, Underscore, and Jasmine
  7. Front End Architect and Designer @ iSirona

    • Configuration & management of 1000s of legacy hospital devices, including events, activity, status charts, and network map.
    • Recruited and led 3 front-end developers
    • Gathered a focus group of interested customers for UX feedback
  8. Senior Front End Developer @ GSI, an eBay Company

    • Worked on a team that improved checkout conversion by 1.3% for major brands like Toys’R’Us, Nascar, MLB, Levi, and Old Navy
    • Lead contributor for a mobile web version of the e-commerce platform using the lightweight Zepto and HTML5
    • Created and ran a testing lab with a broad range of devices: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, even Japanese Keitai
  9. User Experience Designer @ Epic

    • Contributed to UI standards and internal awareness
    • Interviewed and observed nurses’ and doctors’ day-to-day workflows
    • Redesigned operating room tracking workflow for intra-op nurses
    • C# training and certification
    • Front-end development on greenfield CEO projects - Facebook for Doctors, New Feature Showcase, and Speaker Scheduling
  1. Education & More
  2. MIT 6.006

    Intro to Algorithms

  3. Codewars

    Data Structure and Algorithm Practice

  4. Frontend Masters

  5. Launch at TechCrunch Disrupt

  6. LessConf 2013

  7. CodeSchool: RoR, CoffeeScript, Backbone

  8. Austin, TX Cofounders Conference

  9. An Event Apart

  10. Cofounder @ TribeMind Studios

    • Video game startup. Team: 9 seniors and recent grads
    • Designed game, built prototype, won business plan award
  11. Rochester Institute of Technology

    • BFA in Graphic Design
    • 3.74 GPA
    • CS Electives